California's Still Burning... and Rain in Manhattan

So far, the fires have mercifully stayed away from San Diego. But I'm watching the news of fires breaking out all over California. So far, the biggest one seems to be just north of LA.

October definitely seemed like the best choice of wedding month, but I knew in December I would spend these weeks watching fire reports. It would be like someone in the midwest deciding to plan a big event right in the middle of tornado season, I suppose. Or Florida and hurricanes. You know they're coming... but you can't let them ruin your life. You plan and pray.

San Diego, just hold out five more days! As much as I know that fires are a helpful contributer to ecology, burning the old brush and making way for lush new plants... I'd rather not greet out of town guests with a sky filled with lung-blackening particulates. I'd like wedding pictures without the apocalyptic glow of a smoky, orange sky.

So, here's to hoping the strong winds don't blow down power lines, the cooking fires set by people living in the hills stay in their grills and cooking circles, and smokers could manage to extinguish their cigarettes before tossing them carelessly into overgrown bush beside the road. 

But, if God decides yet again that my best-laid plans are nothing compared with His will... then we'll adapt. Hmm... fitting 200 people into the rather small sanctuary? Or moving everyone down to the beach? Or renting out a bowling alley and having a party? Somehow or other, I will be married this time next week. I will have partied with my family and friends. I'll be chilly in New York, watching the weather report for glorious rain! And hopefully, San Diego will still not be burning.


neimanmarxist said...

it must be scary to live there! what a great bachelorette party idea. i didn't let my friends throw me one of those skanky club parties either ;)

Anonymous said...

While in general I echo your sentiment of hope that all the human causes of wildfires would be non-existent, in this year's case one of the fires in California was started by a squirrel shorting a power line. No joke!