California's burning

I guess today marks the start of the fire season in SoCal. It's funny... all the people that I've ever talked to who aren't from here associate California with earthquakes. I really just felt my first one this summer. While scary, it wasn't traumatic (for most people). A lot of grocery stores close to the center had everything fall off the shelves, but no one died or lost their homes.

But fires. Oh, we have fires. I've known at least several people who have had their houses burned down, or extensive water damage from fire-fighters trying to keep them at bay.

We don't have snow days... but I've had a week off school twice, once senior year of high school, and once senior year of college. My schools were never evacuated, but the quality of the air was so bad that you couldn't go outside without a wet t-shirt over your nose and mouth. A lot of people who attended my schools had to be evacuated or even lost their homes. Last year, my family allllmost had to evacuate. They live on the boarder between two neighborhoods, and the one further east was evacuated. It was pretty scary, because they were on the projected path of the fire. Luckily, God turned the winds and the fire was contained much faster than they expected. 

With the droughts in the last few years, it's been even worse. It's not really a question of IF, it's WHEN, and WHERE this time, and HOW BAD. I've been looking at the news every day... and here it is. Two brush fires on Camp Pendleton. Granted, this is one of the areas most likely to burn, since it's a military base and has little growth control or landscaping. But that means that it's likely that bigger fires in other areas are not far off. 

I know it's a selfish thing to hope for, but I really do hope that fires don't severely hinder the wedding plans. Because if there's a fire in the area, we might not be able to really be outside that day... and that would be tough.
But even more than that, I pray that this season would spare the lives and homes in Southern California. It is pretty scary keeping your car packed, knowing that any hour a blaze could come that takes everything.

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