oooh oooh... pick me!!

Dear Google,

I know you are googling me. I'm sure whoever has my resume and is going to call me for a technical interview is looking at my blogger journals and whatever other information I have posted publically with a google service (and any other service... facebook maybe?) I mean, I would do the same if I were hiring someone. See...? Dedication to google products :) I google everything.

But really... I do want to work there. Even though I would have to drive to work. I mean, I guess that's my only option now unless I want to work at Ralph's or the drug store. I do love Google, I've wanted to work there a few years and the biggest reason I didn't apply this year was that I didn't know there was a Santa Monica office. Even though I'm not really techy, I am a fan of all things google. I use... Chrome, Gmail, Reader, personalized Google homepage, Picasa, Blogger, Maps (especially the walking routes), Talk, Docs... and of course Search.

It's not that I don't like my job. I like it. But they're leaving. Packing up and moving north. And I'm not, in favor of fiance keeping his wonderful joband his sanity. So I need a job. I'm sure when you call me you'll ask me all about why you need me. And I'll tell you. But just in case you doubted my dedication... since I know you're googling me... here I am. Talk to you Friday!

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