I have the best friends in the world. They know me well enough to know that my idea of a fun bachelorette party would NOT be to go clubbing (I've never set foot in a club in my life). And the thought of all of the embarrasment that could happen at those parties is enough to make me want to elope and not tell any of my girlfriends that I'm getting married.

But I didn't have to fear, because my friends knew. What would appeal to Melissa the most? Hmm... a dark loud room full of people dancing too close to each other? Nah. A high-luxury pampering at some spa? Not a chance. A crazy night on the town? Nope again. No, they went for the gold: dancing Huns, princesses, lions, mice, puppet boys, and cartoon characters: ON ICE.

That's right, six twenty-something women without kids, singing and dancing along to Disney on Ice. A-maaaaaaz-ing. It was so much fun. As much as I like to believe I haven't bought into any Disney consumerist culture, I grew up watching those movies. I love Belle and her bookwormishness. I love Mulan and her bravery. I love the Lion King in its beauty. And Disney... man, they know how to put on a show. They don't do anything half-heartedly. If they decide to put on an ice show... they put on the best possible ice show around.

I don't know where they find that many talented ice skaters (a cast of 30-40) who are willing to perform a triple axel while dressed like a Hun... or skate ON ALL FOURS while in a huge warthog costume. But it was fantastic to watch. I think we loved it as much as all of the seven-year-old girls dressed in their Disney Store Finest.

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