Yeah... about blogging

I really had planned to have an educational blog about living in Brentwood, Los Angeles. But... working 40 hours a week? And planning a wedding (from 100 miles away)? And trying to still see and care for the man I'm marrying? Maintaining a blog won't happen right now. 

I tried. I have pictures on my camera of my apartment in its very beginning stages, before I had a bed or any furniture whatsoever. I'd say the furniture level is at 75%... I have a bed, and dining room table and chairs, and bookshelf... but no couch or TV stand or video game holder. I have pictures of my weekly grocery purchases, because I was so excited to walk to the grocery store and shop for my food.

But now I've decided to write for other reasons. This summer, somewhere in between working and wedding planning, I've started to read blogs. And to love them. And I want to participate in the fun, have something to share with my blogging friends, and hone my writing. Writing skills tend to get shoved aside when one is focusing on ones Java coding skills for 8 hours a day. 

So until the wedding (in 15 days...) there probably won't be much blogging. But hopefully, after the madness, I'll have some thoughts about learning to be a wife in Los Angeles, about making friends here but keeping some of my San Diego culture, about working at a high-tech job and living in an Internet-less and TV-less apartment. Basically, about going from college student to adult without skipping that 3-5 year transition period that most people around here take. 

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Lynn said...

I love your honesty. I, too, am new at blogging and had grand plans to post every day . . . but . . . not quite there yet. Best of luck as you embark on a new stage of life!