a huge sigh of relief

3 hours separate me from my break. THREE HOURS. And really, I have nothing to do right now besides a bit of cleanup on my code. So really, I am on break.

It is terrifying, on one hand. Out of work, in today's economy, with no job offer? But we both feel peace about this, and we both feel like it is the right decision. Maybe I'll go back to work with a renewed excitement for Software Engineering. Or maybe I'll dread going back, and know even more strongly that I should have chosen the career that my heart calls me to. 

But it really isn't terrifying. I know God watches the sparrows, and He has my days planned. He'll give me a job when He wants me to have one. 

This weekend, I will make a list of what I want to accomplish on my break, both tasks and rest. I do not want it to be a month of sitting on the couch (AGAIN I REPEAT: WE HAVE A COUCH!) playing Spider Solitaire. I want to crochet, read, clean, organize, bake, sleep, write, think, run, blog, explore, and have lots of time with my Savior. 

I plan on daily photo-journalling the organization of the apartment, starting tomorrow. That means, tomorrow I will post BEFORE pictures, which might make you run for cover. Let's just say, we can barely walk through the living room and bedroom for all of the piles of stuff. 

Rest. It is such a beautiful word. Not a travel vacation with lots of busyness and flights and site-seeing. Just me, at home, in the apartment, taking care of my domestic duties. Thank you, Lord, ahead of time for this gift.

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