Playing House

I never was much for playing house when I was young. I much preferred tag and "historically-accurate" games of pioneers or Native Americans. I thought the house games were silly... half-a-dozen little girls, gathered under the wooden play structure, spending most of their time arguing over who got to play the coveted position of Mommy and who was stuck playing the family cat. On occasion, when I joined in, I made sure that we actually did important family things like cooking meals. (sidenote: I was the weirdest kid ever)

And now, I have a question: When does being married stop feeling like playing house?

I don't feel like much actually changed in my life 2 weeks ago when I said "I Do". I'm still the same person. I didn't become super-mature or wise or capable of running a household. Husband didn't change either. We're the same pair of twenty-two year olds, but all of a sudden we get to live together. And it feels like we're pretending, like we're living someone else's lives. We're acting like... our parents! I am planning out weekly menus, going grocery shopping, comparing prices, doing laundry.  Husband did a construction project this weekend (a vermi-composter for me, which I'll post about once I've gotten it up and running). 

It really was a fantastic weekend. We had people over on Friday night for homemade pizza and ice cream. I made fried rice on Saturday night, and we cooked lasagna together last night. We finished watching Casablanca (which was great), I finished reading At The Back Of The North Wind (which I very much enjoyed). We had a date to a local huge music store and each picked out a few used CDs. We walked to the local Farmer's Market on Sunday morning to check out the fall produce (mmmmmmmmmm applessss), and then we walked over to church. It was my first time at this church, and I was wiggling my toes with excitement because I thought the pastor was so spot on in his message. I tackled the clutter in the bedroom in my huge quest to clean the apartment. We enjoyed plenty of time to talk and just be with each other.

Of course, we realize marriage isn't all a fairy tale, and already it has had its share of difficult moments and issues. But so far, it has been so wonderful to hang out and relax and be with my husband. I keep asking myself if this is all reality.  But for now... I love playing house.

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neimanmarxist said...

congratulations on your marriage! how wonderful. southern california sounds like a really wonderful place for a wedding :)