Unemployed... Day 2

Yesterday was the second day of my unemployment domesticity... my quest to take advantage of time off to organize the apartment, finish projects, learn, rest, and use my time constructively. I knew very well what I had to tackle yesterday. It was looming over my head (or more like, biting my ankles) every time I went in the bedroom.

I say this as a confession, and I hope never to have to say this again: it had been more than a month since I had done laundry.

I actually am pretty sure I hadn't done more than a load since the wedding. 6 weeks ago. That's pretty embarrassing. And to make matters worse, a few weeks ago I had every intention of doing it, so I dumped it all onto the floor to look for something. But then I didn't do it, and the sight of a bit of laundry on the floor made us lazy, and we just dumped every day's clothes on the floor, instead of hanging them up or putting them in the hamper.

Now, these pictures aren't totally truthful, because if you look closely you can see a huge bag full of two loads of clean whites that I had done on Saturday, but hadn't put away yet (thus, creating lots of future ironing of wrinkly whites).

Two weekends in San Diego meant two unpacked duffel bags sitting on the floor. Plus, there were various boxes, bags, and trinkets scattered all over.

The detergent was my constant companion through the day. I was blessed that seemingly everyone else in the apartment had done their washing over the weekend, so both of the washers were free... all day. That is a great blessing and not to be taken lightly. So, I took advantage of them.

Six loads of laundry later, and several hours of organizing, rearranging, vacuuming later, we have this:


There are still some boxes in the corner for when I tackle Unpacking, but the floor is visible and there is not a single piece of dirty laundry (ok, there is now...there wasn't at time of picture). And yes, that is a framed photo sitting on the ground. We really need to hang the few decorations we have. That is my favorite one. What is it?

Our engagement picture that everyone signed at the wedding! One of my very favorite possessions. We'll have to hang this soon!

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