Unemployed... Day 1

Today is my first official day of unemployment. It will last anywhere from 2 weeks to the end of December. And it's really tempting to sit around and play online games and read blogs for a month, but I'm excited to have this chance to create ORDER. Things are still so disorganized from the chaos of the wedding, so I'm playing Domestic Wife for a month.

To help track my progress and keep me from procrastinating, I've decided to blog the journey of my month off. Although today is the first real day of unemployment, we did a bit of work on Saturday. We had friends coming over Saturday night for our weekly pizza and games night, and the apartment needed a bit of work. As you can see.

Pile of wedding gifts that need a place in a cabinet or closet

A mess in the dining room

A mess in the kitchen

A mess in the living room.

This is what happens when you get married and then go back to work full-time. Messes.

First things first. We actually just got this couch from Husband's aunt and uncle, which is why it was sitting awkwardly in the middle of the living room. So we had some rearranging to do. The couch went from the middle of the room to against one wall, and the TV and the bookshelf swapped walls so the TV would be opposite the couch.



Then I took pictures of my bookcase because I was tired of working, and what could be more fun than documenting your bookcase? These are some of my most prized possessions, and yes, they are alphabetical by author.

And then... we cleaned. For about an hour. We left enough time to work on grad school applications before company came. And here are the results:

You can actually see the floor. You can walk through the living room without falling on anything. You can set things down on the dining room table AND on the serving bar. You can even... sit on the couch!!

I know it's not great, but it's a start.

Today: tackling laundry. The bedroom is being consumed by mountains of clothes. I don't think I've washed any since the honeymoon. That means I have about a month and a half of clothes to wash for two people. Which means, I'd better leave the library and get started!

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