I think I can, I think I can, I think I can....

Had a big interview today. I'm not expecting to be called back (this company is known for being one of the most selective), but I'm pleased that I didn't divebomb. 

Husband and I decided: I am going to take a break from work. For at least a week. Perhaps for all of December. This is huge for me. I worked full-time every summer since age 16, and before that I did summer school and babysitting each summer. The last 3 summers have been full-time Computer Software jobs, which is intense. My spring breaks were spent going on retreats with Intervarsity Christian Fellowship, many times as a student leader, so they were ridiculously fun but also tiring. I never had an "easy quarter" in college. The only other major that I can think of that worked as hard as us is architecture. I started work one week after graduation, and that week was mostly spent packing to move to LA. Besides the honeymoon, I haven't had a vacation for a few years. This is not to brag, it is just to say that I have been working, working, working for the last 4 years at least. I feel rather drained and am so excited to take a break!

The break would give us time to enjoy the holidays without needing to return to work. 

But, even if I have all of that time in December, my goal is to have the apartment done in November. What needs to be done?
  • Putting away the huge amount of wedding gifts
  • Buying a dresser and transferring clothes from bottom of closet into dresser
  • Unpacking 2 weekends' worth of clothes from trips down to SD
  • Laundry that has remained undone while the apartment has been in chaos
  • Reorganizing the whole kitchen so that things actually fit
  • Clearing off dining room table so we can eat on it again
  • Sell the boxes of stuff that I have set aside for sale on craigslist, amazon... bring the rest to Goodwill
  • Moving the couch (Side Note: WE HAVE A COUCH, WOOHOOOOOOO!) to somewhere reasonable
  • Probably rearranging all the furniture in the living room
  • Clean bathroom and kitchen
If we can get all of this done by December, then I could actually relax for my work vacation. We also said we'll get a Christmas tree once the apartment is clean. Yay, our first Christmas tree as a family! I love having all these firsts.

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neimanmarxist said...

OMG, Rubix cube? your husband and my husband need to get together and play. before I met him, I had no idea anyone could actually solve one of those things, lol.