Works-For-Me-Wednesday: Labelling Frozen Meat


This isn't a brilliant tip. It's more like a "Look at me, I'm 22 years old and learning to be domestic and so I'm figuring out the really obvious things that everyone else already does!"

When I buy meat, I usually get more than we need for just that meal. Mostly this is because we are two people and even the smallest pack is too much for whatever I'm making. So I freeze the rest. But my problem was that I would forget what I had frozen, or I'd have to unwrap each thing to find the frozen chicken legs. Also, if I had frozen chicken legs and I needed them for a recipe, I'd have to estimate the weight, because I had thrown away the wrapper and just wrapped them in tin foil before freezing.

So, in a flash of sheer brilliance, before I froze half of a pack of sausage, I wrote on the tin foil with a Sharpee:
"Spicy Pork Sausage- 11/05/08- 2/3 lb"

That way, I know what was inside without opening the pack, how much is in the package, and how long it has been chilling in the freezer.

It's helped me save money by not buying meat that we already have... I've learned to check the labels first.

For some reason, my mom never did this. I guess she has an amazing memory of what she has frozen. It's super obvious, but... it works for me


Memarie Lane said...

i'm bad about labeling. i always figure i'm going to use it soon anyway, so why bother? my husband labels religiously.

April in CT said...

Something I realized recently is that masking tape makes a great freezer label! It sticks great to foil or plastic containers.

Dot said...

I need to do more labeling. Thanks for the reminder!